Introduction to Identity, Social Justice, and Antiracism for the White Community (2)

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Saturday July 18 2020

10AM- 2:30PM EDT

Course Fee: $200 per household*

After the multitude of murders, Covid-19 deaths, and general mistreatment/disenfranchisement of Black people at the hands of racism and white supremacy, many White community members have asked, “what can I do?”

The answer isn’t simple.

Doing more than sharing platitudes and memes on social media is crucial. Going beyond empathy and frustrated hand-wringing is the difference between inaction and real change-making action.

Effective change means gaining critical knowledge, consciousness, and understanding. It also means examining your own identity, perspectives, and biases.

If you cannot know yourself,  how are you to know, understand, honor, and protect others’ lives?

In this introductory course, you will:

  • examine your own identity
  • learn valuable social justice and antiracism vocabulary/concepts
  • begin learning to see through others’ perspectives/lenses
  • start to undo unconscious messaging around racial superiority
  • start the process of moving beyond feelings of shame and guilt and
  • learn smaller and bigger-picture ways of dismantling white supremacy
  • learn to incorporate antiracism strategies in your life, NOW

This is NOT easy work, but it is necessary. If you are ready to START your journey, and lean into the discomfort of unlearning white supremacy, REGISTER for the course today. 

Course Facilitators and Staff**:

Mirna Valerio

You may know me as an adventurer, ultramarathoner, speaker, and writer. I am all of the above!

What you may not know is that I was a teacher for 18 years.

I spent 13 of those years teaching and developing diversity, equity, and inclusion curricula for middle-school through high-school aged students. The last three of my years in education, I served as the Director of Equity and Inclusion at the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School. I provided professional development for the faculty and staff, created and taught a four-year long diversity seminar curriculum, and facilitated inclusion leadership workshops/retreats for student-leaders.

Michael Lomuscio, Ed.D, Director of Steam Education at Rabun Gap Nacoochee School

Leann Siefferman Busdeker, founder of Making Conversations and student at Union Theological Seminary

Emily Sutcliffe, Director of Social Justice Programs, Penn Law

Andrea Maia, senior at New York University, research assistant

Kimberly Eagle, Technical Director

**Course Facilitators Subject to Change

Please note:

  • A few days before the course begins, you will receive an email with ZOOM information to join the workshop.
  • Course times are in EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. 
  • Please expect to join the workshop for the entire duration.
  • This is an interactive course which requires use of Zoom Breakout Rooms. You will be in community in small groups to discuss prompts, tell your own stories, and strategize. Please plan to be fully participatory and present.
  • *A household consists of the people that LIVE IN YOUR HOME, IN ONE DOMICILE. Teenagers 14+ welcome. 


Antiracism Intro Workshop