New Year, New Adventures, New Blog.

As I sit here amidst the incredible beauty and humidity of the beach off the Costa Rican jungle and, as I run on the dusty road that follows the shoreline, as I soak in the sun that is so strong it forces any negativity out of my brain, I am relaxing. Finally.

The food is delicious and wholesome–the sweetest mangos and pineapples, the most luscious papayas, the crunchiest cabbage, and the most soulful coconuts.

The laid back and happy nature of Tican culture reminds me that there is much more to life than running around in circles full of anxious, inflammatory energy and worries about things I cannot control.

I take in the sun, I inhale, I connect deeply with new friends and old, I smile, I exhale…

I begin to release the anxiety that has already built up within me at the start of this New Year and I say to myself, ENOUGH. 

All of this reminds me that we only have one life to live. We are not cats, so I make an intention to return to this state of body, mind, and spirit right now, as they are. I have an intention over the next eleven months of the year to be whole, centered, to be reflective, and to be intentionally slow.

As the year goes on in its hectic manner, I will find a way to access this state of deep relaxation and wholeness I am feeling now.

I’d like to be able to remember the gentle breeze on my face as I do yoga on the beach, when I wrinkle my face out of anger or stress

I’d like to be able to summon the sounds of the frogs, birds, the scarlet macaws, the howler monkeys, and even the annoying roosters that beckon each morning as the sun returns.

I’d like to be able release the muscles in my legs as I do on my casual walk on the sandy beach when I am feeling defensive.

When I feel shallow and ungrounded, I’ll remember the strength of my legs on an unwieldy surfboard, and I’ll return to the deep inhalations and exhalations I took while gently swaying in the hammock under the shade of the mango.

When I run around aimlessly, head full of worries I will summon the incredible, healing energy that the sun gives freely and generously.

In 2019 I intend to:

  • remain grounded

  • breathe deeply and often

  • relax my face, body, and mind

  • listen to my spirit

And continue to spread the joy, relaxation, centering, and incredible fortune that I am feeling right now, to everyone I encounter.

I fully and magnanimously invite you to my circle.*

Welcome to my new blog! I haven’t quite named it yet, but it will encompass everything that I am about, and more! It’ll be about adventure, gratitude, running (of course), travel, family and friends, shout-outs to my sponsors and partners, and things learned during this wonderful life journey!

 Happy February!



*photos used with permission by Carlos Palacios and partner Skirt Sports


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  1. I am so proud and over the moon for you my amazing, talented, gorgeous friend. Thank for sharing your zeal for life and adventure and reminding all of us that we are our own limitation. Love you to the moon and back.

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      Thank you my boricua amiga! I am so proud of YOU. Talk about a POWERFUL PHENOMENAL PHOENIX!I love you to Mars and back!

  2. I just saw your movie—I know you’re on your own journey, but I can only hope you know ***how much*** your sharing it helps others. Thank you for your light!

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      Wow! Thanks Laura! I agree that sharing may help others in their own journeys–whether it’s showing folks that they can do it, or simply by seeing another body that might be similar to theirs doing the damn thing!

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  3. Hello
    I have been reading your blog posts…some old, I think most recent Feb 2019 and I am INTRIGUED and feel so MOTIVATED to follow you!
    I saw your pics on the Azorean Trail Run which I am hoping to do in 2020. I AM NOT A TRAIL RUNNER, but an easy 3-4 miles once a week jogger. Please let me know if you did it this year as I have a TON of questions.

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      Hi Sharon!
      Thanks for writing. When I open up registration in a few weeks, you’ll have a ton of time to train, which I or my coaching assistant can help you with. There is an 11K, which will probably be the most appropriate distance for you and you won’t be sorry. We had everyone from 11k-42K and all had a great time! If you can run three miles, you can run 6, which is approximately the distance of the 11K. Don’t let distance scare you. Most of us can do it! We just need practice!

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    It’s definitely not easy but I love it because of that. The few seconds that I get up on the board are always glorious! I live for those moments!

  5. I can’t express how awesome it is to find another fat girl who is also an athlete…Thank you so much for sharing…from a Fat girl Cyclist about to complete her first 24 hr team cycling challenge on Aug 10th…you are an inspiration!

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