"This body is fierce, beautiful, and unapologetic. It’s meant to move through the world as it wishes: lifting, walking, and running, rolls and all. Love handles, bouncy boobs, curves, tummy, butt, back fat, and all."


"Fat girl running, swimming, moving, learning, pausing, progressing, jiggling, rubbing, chafing, shaking, sinking, rising, living, being."

Whether we’re athletes or not, this is a memoir to inspire and motivate us. I recommend it.

Rob Natiuk - Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

"I'm simply staggered by Mirna Valerio's story; it's amazing and inspirational beyond what I can describe. Simply an amazing person. There are passages that left me uplifted and ones that left me in tears. I hope some in my family can read this story for inspiration to persevere despite health and weight problems, to use parents as inspiration and support, yet to improve every generation, to take the strengths from our parents and reach higher."